Bareskin Medspa uses the latest techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease. We are one of the most experienced vein centers in Connecticut, offering a range of treatments that can safely, successfully solve the problems of spider and varicose veins.


Make unsightly facial and leg veins a thing of the past without painful injections. Using the most advanced technology, Cutera CoolGlide safely and effectively treats both tiny superficial face veins and deeper blue leg veins on men and women of all skin tones.

15 minute session $250 | 30 minute session $450


Ultrasound is a non-invasive treatment used to eradicate varicose veins. It projects ultrasonic energy and then focuses it onto the problem veins. This causes tissue disruption around the varicose segment of the vein and ultimately destroys thereby eliminating the diseased vein. Ultra-sound can also be used to induce fibrosis in the overlying tissue of the varicose vein resulting in an inelastic barrier forming around the vein which reduces its unsightly appearance. These procedures are very effective and produce permanent and highly satisfactory results.

VNUS CLOSURE (Radiofrequency)

VNUS Closure is a minimally invasive procedure to treat varicose veins. Using targeted radio-frequency (RF) to seal the vein and reroute blood flow to healthy veins, VNUS Closure causes the treated veins to eventually collapse and be absorbed by the body’s immune system. This treatment is quick, easy, leaves no scarring, takes only a few minutes and can be performed as an outpatient procedure. It produces successful results and is a simple and reliable method of removing varicose veins.


Endovenous Laser Treatment (ELVT) is a minimally invasive procedure using duplex ultrasound to map out the saphenous vein and then a laser emitting energy to seal it shut. This treatment not only provides pain free relief for uncomfortable and unsightly varicose veins but also requires a shorter recovery time without scarring. This procedure is very effective and is performed in one office visit using local anesthesia, often completed in under 20 minutes. There is no down time and produces successful results that are permanent.

VEIN SURGERY(Ligation & Stripping)

Rarely performed, but when indicated can be performed by our board-certified general surgeon.


A minimally-invasive technique which combines sclerotherapy and mechanical agitation of the inner vein wall to close the varicose vein. It produces minimal to no discomfort, often completed in under 20 minutes.


Ambulatory Phlebectomy is a treatment that involves removing a large area of varicose veins by placing tiny micro incisions on the surface of the skin and using a phlebectomy hook to pull the diseased varicose vein out through them. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and does not require surgical stitches. The only aftercare required is a compression bandage to be worn for 1-2 weeks following the procedure. The treatment produces relief for both cosmetic and clinical symptoms of varicose veins and can be conveniently and comfortably done in the office.


Sclerotherapy is the process through which a chemical solution known as a sclerosing agent is injected at several points along the spider and varicose veins. Sclerotherapy is commonly performed with a concentrated saline solution, although other chemical solutions or special foam may be used as well.

The agent irritates the lining of the veins, which in combination with compression after treatment causes the vein walls to collapse. Over time, the veins will be absorbed by the body, restoring a smoother, more youthful appearance. Like other vein removal therapies, multiple treatments are usually required to achieve the desired results, but sclerotherapy can reduce the appearance of most spider veins and some small varicose veins significantly.

First Session $450

Second Session $250

Third Session $250

Fourth Session Gratis

Additional sessions within 3 months of initial session $200

For detail and pricing on each procedure, please download our brochure. If you have questions regarding procedures not listed below, please contact us.